Cyprus Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Establishments Registration Council
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Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists (P.A.P.) is the legally registered body, whose members are all registered in the Physiotherapists Achieve of the Cyprus Republic.
The role and objectives of the association include among other to:
Promote and protects the profession’s validity,
Deal with any issue related to physiotherapist’s profession,
Ensure, promote and improve the level of physiotherapy,
Deal with ethical issues, to consider and submit recommendations on the legislation in force concerning the profession of physiotherapist,
Develop cooperation with other professional associations or bodies in Cyprus and abroad and , 
General ensure for the improvement of physiotherapy services.
Physiotherapy Studies
Program studies are almost the same in all of the European countries with minor differences, depending on each country’s educational and health system. Undergraduate studies lead to the qualification of BSc. and after that the physiotherapist graduates can attend a postgraduate course.... | more
What is Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is a service provided exclusively from physiotherapists in order to improve, maintain and restore the maximum operational capability from infancy to old age. Specifically physiotherapy deals with the prevention, improvement and rehabilitation of pathological conditions, congeni... | more
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