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Physiotherapists Archive Registry
The applications for registry in the Physiotherapists Registry Archive are submitted to the Physiotherapists Superintendent at the Ministry of Health, accompanied with all the necessary documentations mentioned on the application form and a registry fee of €50, which is not refundable.
The Superintendent forwards the applications to S.E.F.F., which examines the application within two months from the date the file has been completed and informs the Superintendent about the decision. Subsequently the Superintendent notifies the applicant of the decision taken and if the applicant is successfully registered, the registration certificate is mailed by post. 
After that, and when the applicant receives the registration certificate from the Superintendent has to get the license to practice the physiotherapist profession, which is €35 per year and it is send by post. The bank account of the Registry Council which the deposit must be made is:
  •  Bank of Cyprus
  • Account No.: 0125-01-028876
You can also pay through JCC with your credit card. Click on the following link to transfer you to JCC Website.
Furthermore, it automatically becomes member of the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists, with an annual fee of €50 paid directly to the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists.
Application forms for permanent or temporary provision of services:
  1. For permanent provision of services and registration in the Physiotherapist Archive please complete and submit the Application form for permanent services provision in the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. For temporary provision of Physiotherapy services in the Republic of Cyprus by European citizens please complete and submit the Application form for temporary services provision in the Republic of Cyprus.
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