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Click here to download the Physiotherapists Registry Law, 140/1989 to 2005. The code of ethics for the profession of physiotherapist is part of the above legislation and is in the seventh annex to the above law.

Please be informed about the code of ethics as it is important for the correct and lawful practice of the profession in Cyprus.
The above legislation concerns also the registration of Physiotherapist Centers in the Physiotherapist Registry. It is important to be aware that according to legislation, the Director of the Physiotherapist Center can only be registered as Physiotherapist in the Registry of Ministry of Health.
We clarify that the registration process for Physiotherapists concerns professional recognition through SEFF and the procedure for the academic recognition concerns KY.SA.T.S. (Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Qualifications).
Publication in the Physiotherapist Registry, is evidence that the relevant persons are registered physiotherapists and the absence of the name of any person from the Psychotherapist Registry is proof that the person is not registered / or physiotherapist.
Here you will find the European Benchmark Statement.
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