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Physiotherapy is a service provided exclusively from physiotherapists in order to improve, maintain and restore the maximum operational capability from infancy to old age. Specifically physiotherapy deals with the prevention, improvement and rehabilitation of pathological conditions, congenital or acquired, as well as injuries causing distractions to the skeletal, muscle, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular system.
Reference to physiotherapy and practices is done by reference from doctors as well as directly from the patient and according to the provisions of the legislation. 
Practice of physiotherapy is characterized by the use of natural therapeutic approaches such as therapeutic treatments, therapeutic exercises and electrophysic treatment methods. These intercessions are applied depending on the circumstances and health condition of each individual, taking into consideration the cultural and social factors in each case, after receiving the medical history, using specific tests and assessment tools and subsequent to further evaluation of outcomes through systematic analysis and clinical reasoning. This procedure is done with an approach to solve problems, set of targets, review and reevaluation in order to achieve those targets.
Physiotherapy plays an important role in promoting health and welfare of the public and society in general through educational and consulting services. Particularly, through the above services, it educates individuals to have a proper posture and movement, during the activities of everyday life and in self care.
For any queries concerning physiotherapist practice in Cyprus and whether it is practiced by authorized legitimate registered physiotherapists
Please contact us with your name or contact the Registry Council of Physiotherapsts.
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